Saturday, 26 March 2011

My First Italian Adventure (1st Sept 2009)

Three days to go before I land a Wog. Ooops, mean head to Wog land (1st Sept 2009)

Hey all,

Just a reminder, I leave on Friday.  Am very excited now. Three sleeps/two & a half days/about 67 hours before I fly out, but who's counting???

While I'm away I will only be contactable on this email address. We will be checking our emails at least once a week, so please email me.  Will be nice to know what is happening back home, plus I then get to reply and boast about our trip.  If there is anything that exciting to tell, don't worry, I will be sending carrier pigeons!!!

Have already started preparing some emails before I go (to save time while I am there):

Email 1: Ciao, How's things back home.  Having a fabulous time.  We started our walking tour today.  Was only a short 3 hour walk.  View was sensational.  Took heaps of spectacular photos.  Miss you all.

Email 2:  Hey, another great day.  Walked 4 hours today.   One small hill, but managed to stop and take heaps of photos to stop myself from thinking about the blisters that have started to form on my toes.   But hey, no pain, no gain.

Email 3:   Hi.  Yes, you guessed it.  5 hours walking today.  Camera getting quite heavy, but still concentrating on those great photos I am taking.  Have blisters forming on blisters, but trying not to complain (out aloud anyway).  Now wish I had chosen the ugly comfortable shoes instead of the pretty trendy shoes I bought for the trip.  Powering on!

Email 4: Hello.  MFBC (More F**king Beautiful Countryside).  Would be enjoying it more if it wasn't for the elephant blisters all over my feet.  Decided to take my small digital camera today.  Other one getting too heavy.  Lost track of how many hours we walked.    Felt like 10, but Melinda assures me it was 5.

Email 5: If I have to walk another f**king step, I am going to scream.  Bought a handful of postcards today.  Had nice pictures on them.  No photos taken.  Too tired to lift camera. 

Email 6:  Praise the Lord, the walking tour has ended. Soaked feet in tub for 3 hours. Threw shoes away. Photography over-rated.  Shopping tour starts tomorrow.....Starting to feel better already.  Be home soon.


Only joking. Talk to you when I get back!!!  And, I promise even though I will be surrounded by Italian men, Italian leather (bags, shoes...), jewellery & incredible scenery, I will still miss you all. 

Love Joyous

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