Sunday, 27 March 2011

Buona Serra from Venice (21st Sept)

Hi all,

We sadly said good-bye to Florence this morning but not before a last minute wander through the markets.  Melinda felt this was her last opportunity to help the Florence economy so she purchased 4 scarves.  The nice scarf man showed Melinda 4 new fashionable ways to wear a scarf, so to help her memorise the different methods, she decided to colour code each method with a different coloured scarf.  The blue scarf signifies the 'round and round' method with a knot at each end. The purple scarf utilises the 'fold in half and thread through' method.  The green scarf starts with the purple method by the folding through but has a technical little twist at the end; and finally the brown scarf is the 'shawl' method with an extra fluff of the pretty fabric.  See, when explained, it makes perfect sense to have purchased all 4???

Melinda appears to be creating an Italian style rainbow with her colourful purchases.  She is adding her new scarves to the purple, green and tan leather handbags (3) and red, black and brown leather jackets (3) and purple leather gloves (1) and brown and red leather purses (2) that she had already purchased in Florence.  And yes, that was 3 leather jackets!!!!  Need you wonder where my bad influence is coming from??  She intends searching for her matching leather boots in Venice!!

While we are on the subject of purchases, I made a very exciting purchase this morning.  It is the latest development at solving the lack of 'spending space' (room for purchases) in my backpack.  I am now backpacking the Modern way (for someone who is stuck in Italy with a wheel-less backpack).  I have a new small Carry bag WITH wheels!!!!  So this morning as we trudged from the Hotel to the train station, my ears were joyously listening to the sounds of wheels on the pavement beside me.  I proudly wheeled (yes, wheeled) my new Louis Vuitton look-a-like carry bag by my side and was able to forget for 10 minutes that I had a crushing weight on my back that was compressing each vertebrae.

I even managed a smile when I had to hoist the said backpack onto the overhead baggage compartments above our seats in the train.  Actually, to be honest, I think the smile came when Melinda expressed her admiration that I could get it up there on my own.  Just prior to that it might have been more a re-enactment of a chinese weight lifter trying to go for gold with a weight that was clearly too much for them (complete with leg wobble, grunts, strained look, and perspiration). 

Oh, Oh, Oh, my next most exciting news - I have met my new Italian love interest!!!  Well, maybe I didn't quite get to 'officially' meet him.  He was a bit busy at the time.  He was the clarinet player in the Italian Orchestra playing in the Piazza in Florence.  I'm sure he would have noticed me if he wasn't so busy (I was dressed more appropriately and this time the foundation was intact).  Actually, I'm surprised he didn't notice me.  My camera zoom lens was extended so far it could have almost reached him.  It also meant I was ready when he looked my way and smiled (I have checked the numerous photos at least 35 times to ensure I captured his every expression, including the smile when it finally came).  No, it is not called stalking when you are a professional photographer???

I have named him 'Donatello'.  He was like one of those God-like creatures I've mentioned previously, so he needed a good strong name.  Donatello is soon to grace the Front Cover of my new Christmas Italy Calendar. I bet you all want one now!!!

Melinda informed me that I was a tad older than Donatello (Cougar image springs to mind), but she is the same age as I am, and it certainly didn't stop her taking photos as well after I pointed him out to her!!!

Anyway, we loved Florence and were sad to have to leave.  We did a wine tour on Friday evening in the Chianti region, which ended in a beautiful 3 course meal.  Was lovely.  We met a really nice Canadian couple who promised if I ever went to Canada she would find a nice man for me.  Good to have scouts out there helping search for that elusive (older) Donatello!!

We arrived in Venice at 2pm today and spent the afternoon wandering the streets in awe.  An amazing City.  Again, it is so different to all the places we have been so far.  Am sure to have some stories for you by my next email.

Ciao Caio, til next time. 

Love Joyous(ly) tripping around Italy...................

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