Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hi (10th Sept)

Hi All,

My first holiday update.  Will be a quick one as Melinda is sitting around waiting for me.

So, gosh, where do I start. 

Had a great time in Dubai (2 nights).  The highlight was a four wheel drive tour of the desert.  Was like going on a four wheeler roller coaster over the sand dunes.  Hang on for dear life!!  I have never been one to go on roller coaster rides, but I loved it.  Can't say the same for poor Melinda who was quite sick (literally).  We were then treated to an Arabian style BBQ in the desert.  Very Cool!! 

Then it was off to Milan, Italy - City of gorgeous Italian men in Armani Suits (well, that is how I will remember it).  If you ever hear me say I am not into Italian men, hit me over the head!!!  Italian Gods!!!  They were everywhere!!!!  Unfortunately, they didn't appear to notice me.  Surely it couldn't have been the way I was dressed???  Shorts, T-Shirt & joggers.  Even Melinda was walking behind me, pretending she didn't know me. Well, it was her fault for not telling me that Milan was the 'Fashion Capital of the World'.  The only attention I appeared to receive was when the shop assistants looked down at my joggers in disgust.  I thought they were trendy joggers??  Apparently not!

Anyway, after many hours of admiringly gazing into the shop windows of Prada, Louis Vuiton & Cartier etc we sadly had to leave Milan and all those Italian God-like creatures.  I will return one day (and perhaps a little more appropriately dressed).

We are now in the Cinque Terre Region.  Am LOVING it!!!  We have the most amazing apartment in the town of Corniglia.  We walk down a gorgeous cobble stoned alley and right at the end, overlooking the sea, is our 2 storey apartment.  We are here for 6 nights as part of our self guided walking tour.   They gave us maps as part of our tour, but it was a shame they didn't explain how to read them.  My first attempt yesterday saw us walking in the complete opposite direction to where we were supposed to have gone.  Yes, completely my fault!!!  We did the walk we were supposed to have done on day 5.

If you look at a map, we walked from Corniglia to Manarola & Riomaggiore.  Just spectacular scenery!!

Today  Melinda took over the map reading responsibilities (she doesn't trust me after yesterday).  We have walked to Venezza today.  Another absolutely gorgeous sea-side town with coloured buildings (and thousands of tourists who keep getting in the way of my photos).

I have already finished a 4gb memory card and am half way through my 2nd one.  If you don't know, apparently you have to take the same photo of the same scenery 50 times to make sure you get a decent photo???? 

Anyway, I could go on forever, but I need to head off before Melinda leaves without me. 

Hope all is well back home.

Ciao from Bella Italia.

Amore, Joy x

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