Sunday, 1 May 2011

My Midlife Creation - Italy here I come!!!


Well it has just started - My Midlife Creation (as opposed to Midlife Crisis, as some may put it).  I have embarked on my second adventure through Italy.  This time on my own and for a longer period - hopefully 6 months if my Visa comes through.

The format I am adopting is to email a heap of my dearest friends with my travel emails and then cut and paste that email into this blog for any others that wish to follow and come along the the 'ride of my life' with me.  So, thanks for joining me.

Email one: sent to friends on the 29th April 2011 - just before leaving.

Hi all,
You are all now part of my email list for Joy's (hopefully weekly) holiday emails.   As part of the agreement to receive these emails, you must agree to signing a confidentiality clause.  That means no spreading gossip okay.  If my mother is to prepare her "Bride's mother's outfit", I at least want the opportunity to ring her first!!!  Ha Ha.  That got your attention didn't it!!
I finally managed to zip closed my small (??) 27 kg suitcase.  I was quite stressed this morning when I thought my allowance was only 23kg and it weighed it at 25kg.  However, after a very reassuring phone call from the Travel Agent (who informed me that I could take 30kg), the smile came back to my face .  I happily threw in a few extra MUST HAVE items and then it somehow snuck up to 27kg.  I know a few of you seasoned travelers just gasped, but I promise I am only taking the necessities in my 15 tops, 8 shorts, 16 undies, 7 bras (just in case I am too busy to wash regularly)!!!  I obviously take after my mother because when she looked at all the clothes I layed out on the bed, she asked if I thought that I was taking enough (she was serious...she wanted me to take more!!!!).
I am actually starting to get quite nervous now.  I can't remember the last time I travelled on my own. However, I am sure that once I step foot in Rome and gaze up at the most incredible churches/architecture etc (that I will soon be happily photographing), all those nerves will be lost in the excitement of that "magic photo"!
Plus I am comforted by the thought that this must have always been in my life plan.  I am certain God has only ensured that I remained single with no kids (at the prime age of 45) so that I could embark of this amazing adventure!!??  Surely it was so that I could be swept off my feet by that elusive Donatello (that's my nickname for my Mr Right), in the most romantic way??? 
Now, for those who I haven't had a chance to catch up with, these are my plans at this stage (subject to change, if Donatello turns up somewhere in there....ha ha).
I fly out tonight and arrive in Rome Saturday night.  Then 4 nights in Rome, before catching a train down to Sicily to spend it with some wonderful family friends.  I am SO EXCITED to meet all these relations for the first time.  My dearest mother has been on the phone to Sicily for a month now rounding them all up!!!  She asked me yesterday what I was going to wear on the train down, to make sure I made a good 'first impression'.  See, I had no choice but to throw in the extra 5 tops to ensure I make the right selection on the day!!!  Do you think they make Suction packs large enough to fit a whole 27kg suitcase...I might need it.  Hhhm, more importantly I hope the wheels don't give out on me. 
Oh, where was I?  That's right...after Sicily, I head back to Rome and then make my way up to Siena in Tuscany.  I have signed up to do a 2 week language course in Siena.  How exciting is that!!!!!!  I can't wait!!!  I will be talking fluent Italian in no time??? 
Then more travelling around Italy just winging it, apart from visiting family in Milan and a glorious week in Venice.  In July I will fly out to Casablanca for a 2 week tour of Morocco,  (so excited about the photo opportunities there!!!), then back to Italy before I meet up with my wonderful travelling partner Melinda & her friend Ros (for a tour of Eastern Europe).  That's the quick rundown. Oops, I just looked at the time, and need to race off and get ready to head to the airport soon.
Oh, just to let you know, I will be posting these emails into a new blog I have started.  The link to it is  Most of you know I went to Italy with Melinda in 2009.  Well, just so I could take a trip down memory lane, I added my old travel emails to start off the blog. 
I need to make myself beautiful for Rome (that could take some time), so I better head off.
Ciao, Ciao,
Love Joy  xx


Merry said...

Hey Joy.....good start to the holiday. Can't wait to watch as your journey goes. I hear that Rome is a tad busy with the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

I came via Merry's blog! Such an exciting trip...I am very jealous! Italy holds a special place in my heart because that is where I got engaged...right in Venice next to the Grand Canal! Our anniversary is coming up in June and we will be celebrating 4 years...we hope to return to Italy on our 5th anniversary! There is something magical about that place so I hope you are able to find your Donatello!

Joy said...

Hi Stacie,

Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, my first day in Rome yesterday and I am so excited to be here. It is definitely another World over here - one of which I can't wait to explore. How exciting for you to have been engaged in Venice. It is definitely one of my most favourite places to photograph due to its unique beauty. Can't wait to arrive there again. I hope you get your wish of returning!!

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my blog :)

Anna Piggott said...

Hi Joy

I have finally started reading your blog - HOW EXCITING, I know you have been there for a month, but remember I am only at the start of your trip LOL

Keep living the dream